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How to measure your ring size

Measuring your ring size is the most important part in the whole process.

Our options for ring sizes are measured as INNER CIRCUMFERENCE of the ring in mm. In case that your ring size is from different ring size measurement system please use this CONVERSION CHART or leave the option fields blank and put your ring size to a note in your order.

I am sorry to say that there is not any uniform methodology for ring sizes conversion and according to our experience different jewellers measure ring sizes differently. This conversion chart corresponds to our measuring tools.

If you want to be sure that your ring size is correct you can order our simple TEST RING which is highly recommended especially before ordering worse resizable rings, such as rings with gems or gold line.

To measure your ring size we strongly recommend not using strings and paper strips. These methods are very inaccurate. The best variant is to visit a jeweller's shop and ask the specialist to measure your finger. It is important that the gauge, you use, should have approximately the same width as your future ring. Thin rings sits and behaves completely differently than wide rings. Please take into account also the fact that in hot weather your fingers can be a little swollen so different values can be measured in hot and cold weather.

We can make rings with standard flat inner side or with a comfort fit (rounded inner side). COMFORT FIT is recommended for wide rings. Rings with a comfort fit can be usually a little smaller in comparison to standard rings. Please let us know whether your ring size is determined by jeweller as a "comfort-fit" size or not.
If you order a wide ring with a standard flat inner side, then your ring size should be measured for wide rings.

If you have a ring that fits you well, but you don´t know its size, some jeweller or specialist can measure it with a tool called ring mandrel (measuring cone). Most jewellers use the leading edge of the ring (bottom edge of the ring when it is placed on a jewellers measuring cone) to determine the size, others use the middle of the ring and rarely some jewellers measure ring sizes on the other edge.

We measure a ring size of the ring with a standard flat inner side on the leading edge. Rings with a comfort fit are measured more in a centre of the ring.


You can also send us a sample ring that fits you well and it will serve as a template.

Please note that because our rings are handmade there can be some small margin in sizes - our margin for this handmade work is 0.2 mm.
Because the rings are handmade there can be some irregularity that highlights the overall design of our rings.


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