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Hello, welcome to our website with handmade jewellery. My name is Hynek Kalista.


The company KREDUM CZ Ltd. was built on my long-standing art and handicraft activities and more and more successful attempts at making jewellery and hand-made products. First I tried to create unusual gifts for my family and friends. I worked with metal, wood, stones, gems, beads,..

In 2008 I first offered my products for a sale on the Czech public internet marketplace Fler. With the growing number of orders I have improved my production processes and my products have developed. The turning point came with first rings forged from stainless damascus steel Damasteel. They have met with a great interest.

Therefore, in July 2008, I set up my business and created my first website. In the beginning it was a hobby and additional income but over time the volume of production grew and has become my main source of a livelihood. In 2011 I moved to the town Pecka, started cooperate with other people and established our company KREDUM CZ, s.r.o. Together we try to spread our products to the world and bring a pleasure and love to more and more people.

During time we started to work with other materials like stainless steel, titanium, silver and gold. We also started to combine our jewels with various kind of gems.

Another milestone was the autumn of 2020, when I decided to moved our company to the nearby town Hořice, which is closer to Prague and Hradec Králové, and offers us the opportunity for further development. Here we produce jewellery for you in premises of the gradually repaired First Republic villa. Here we proudly present our work.

our company
On our websites you can find wedding and engagement rings, pendants and necklaces, earrings, bracelets, men´s fashion accessories like cufflinks and tie clips, house accessories and fashion jewellery.
All of our products are made with love and passion for our work. All products are the result of our own fantasy but we can also create a jewel in your own design according to your proposals and ideas.

Our products are HANDMADE. We use only hand forge technique, hand grinding and polishing. We don´t use mass machine production. The main feature is a specific irregularity and asymmetry of our products which gives the jewellery their unique charm.

We highly concentrate on the fine details, a diligent process and a maximal customer service.

We would love if our jewels bring love, beauty and pleasure to your life 🤍.

Our gallery
Our gallery

KREDUM team is gradually expanding.

Head of Kredum: Hynek Kalista

Customer service: Adéla Zvercová, Nikola Lukešová, Klára Klátilová
Head of blacksmiths, gemstones, engraving services: Jaroslav Pozner
Blacksmiths: Ondřej Fenďa,  Honza Král
Goldsmith: Michaela Jezdinská
Caretaker: Jarda Šturma
Adéla ZvercováhynekIng. Klára Klátilovájanjaroslavkarolína kadečkovámichaelanikola Lukešová mondrej

Welcome to our blacksmith´s workshop

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