Silver wedding rings

Silver wedding rings are still one of the classic rings that are sought after for their affordable price and clean look. Silver wedding rings are elegant, comfortable and pleasant to wear. They are made of 925/1000 sterling silver. The material allows us to infuse the rings with subtle personal details that will make your ring unique. Ask for a customized ring or choose from dozens of silver wedding bands in stock now.

Silver rings and their advantages:

  • high shine
  • ductility and the possibility of making atypical rings
  • suitable for engraving and setting with precious stones
  • silver rings weighing more than 3 grams must be hallmarked to guarantee the purity of the silver
  • silver rings can easily match other silver jewellery you have at home

Our silver wedding and engagement rings are handmade

Our handcrafting adds a touch of romance to silver rings and gives them an unusual, unique and unconventional look. In addition to classic plain rings, we can make for you a wrought or cut ring. We also offer rings made of silver wires. Our rings are custom made to your specifications. You can also find some silver wedding rings in stock. We believe that you can also find your choice here if you are looking for a silver engagement ring.

We make rings with love and care and we pay attention to their high quality and design guaranteeing comfortable wearing. The rings fit well on the finger and do not press anywhere.

Choose gloss, matt, patina, gemstone or inscription

Most often we produce silver rings with a shiny finish. Such rings get a luxurious look. If you want your rings to have a more natural look, choose a matte finish. We can also use a patina. A patinated finish will make your ring a beautiful rustic piece. The luxurious look can be accentuated by setting a diamond or other sparkling stone, while the natural look will be suited by a piece of natural stone

A wide range of gemstones can be set in rings to connect with their beautiful pure energy. There is also a wide range of possible engraving on the ring. Have your name, date, fingerprint or a symbol that connects you engraved.

Silver rings require care. We will repair scratches for free

The disadvantage of silver rings is their possible oxidation. This makes it necessary to clean your rings from time to time. If you want to avoid this blackening, we can provide rhodium plating on the rings on request. It is also worth pointing out that as silver is a softer material, silver rings are therefore more susceptible to scratches. However, we will be happy to repair this damage at any time as part of our lifetime service. Rhodium plated rings can also be scratched.

We would be glad to help you

We believe that you will be able to choose from our range of silver rings. If you do not know how to choose the parameters, please visit our Guide. Here you will learn the basic information you need to configure your ring. If you wish to have a ring made to your specific requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us. Together, we can create a beautiful, distinctive ring that will accompany you on your journey through life together.

If you prefer pure beauty, then sterling silver wedding rings are the right choice for you. Let them accompany you on your journey through life and symbolize the deep bond that unites you.

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