Wedding rings

We are the Czech company that produces handmade traditional and also unusual wedding rings.

Our handmade wedding rings are made with love and care, and we put emphasis on their top quality and design to ensure comfortable wearing.

We make custom wedding rings, but we also have wedding rings in stock

Choose from our offer and we will make for you customized wedding rings exactly according to your specified sizes and parameters. And if you don't want to wait? Choose from our rings in stock.

How to choose wedding rings?

This is a question often asked by engaged couples. The first step to choose the right wedding ring is choosing the right material. There are many materials from which wedding rings can be made.

Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages that must be taken into consideration. Some materials require a special care, others are almost maintenance free. For example, silver wedding rings will require a special care because silver oxidizes and causes tarnishing. Gold wedding rings, on the other hand, are more susceptible to scratches. Some materials you may be allergic to. In this case, it is better to choose hypoallergenic titanium wedding rings.

Therefore, we offer rings made of several materials so that everyone can choose from us. You can find these wedding rings here:

stainless steel wedding rings

gold wedding rings

silver wedding rings

titanium wedding rings

damascus rings

mixed metal wedding rings - wedding rings combined gold, silver, steel, titanium, damasteel

Mixed metal wedding rings are particularly suitable for those of you who can't decide what material to choose, or can only tolerate gold on their skins but would like another material. These wedding rings combine the properties of the individual materials from which they are made. Stainless steel, titanium and damascus steel are among the more durable materials and rings made from them are more scratch resistant. Gold, on the other hand, gives rings a touch of luxury.

It is often the case that a woman desires a gold ring while a man would like a more durable ring made of stainless steel, titanium or damascene. Or one partner has an allergy and the material the other would like is not suitable for him or her. This can be resolved by each partner to choose a material that suits him or her, but the finish of the rings will be the same. This will ensure that both wedding rings will fit together and both fiancés will be happy. Alternatively, the materials will be combined so that the two rings finally match each other.

Choose luxury wedding rings or get wedding rings cheap?

Another factor for choosing the right wedding rings is their price. Not everyone can afford to spend tens of thousands on their wedding rings. For some people, it is sufficient to have simple wedding rings made of cheaper but often more durable material such as stainless steel wedding rings or titanium wedding rings.

Our wish is that not only customers looking for luxury wedding rings, but also those who are looking for cheap wedding rings will find a suitable ring with us.

To have or not to have a wedding ring with a gemstone?

This also involves the question of choosing gemstones that can adorn the wedding ring. A wide variety of gemstones can be set into rings and connect with their beautiful, pure energy. This, of course, increases their price.

Some people prefer sumptuous ornate rings, others are happy with a single stone or diamond and others prefer simple wedding rings without any decoration. Here, you should also answer the question whether you plan to wear your wedding rings every day or are willing to take them off for harder work. Some gemstones are more delicate and are more at risk of breaking with rough handling.

How to choose engraving for wedding rings?

We also have a wide range of possible rings engravings. Let us know you belong together and have your name, wedding date, fingerprints or a symbol that connects you engraved.

Lifetime service for your wedding rings

All rings come with a lifetime service. If you need to adjust the ring size or restore the surface texture in the future, for example to remove scratches, you can contact us at any time.

How to measure the ring size? 

If you can't come to us for a personal appointment where we can present the rings to you and measure your ring size, you can try our ring measuring tools. These can help you determine the correct ring size. We offer them in a variety of widths to help you determine your correct finger size.
We produce wedding rings in multiple materials. Our wish is that not only customers who are looking for luxury wedding rings, but also those who want to get cheap wedding rings can find a suitable ring with us.

Unique wedding rings from Kredum Art

We believe that you will be so enchanted by our original wedding rings that you will choose them for your journey through life together. If you have any questions about choosing the right wedding rings, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you with your choice.

If you desire a completely unique custom made original ring that we do not offer, please send us your idea. If it is within our power, we will be happy to make it to order for you.

May our wedding rings bring you happiness ♡

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