Pictograms meaning

In stock
sklademThis pictogram indicates items that are on the store. These items are ready to be shipped in 1-3 business days. Usually there are no adjustments needed. However, for some of them you can ask for custom adjustments, such as resizing of some types of rings or setting a gem into a jewel. In this case the shipping date can be delayed and there can be a surcharge. For the adjustment of these items please contact us in advance.
Custom made
rozměry na míruThis pictogram indicates jewellery that are custom made according to your requirements. Please find the parameters needed in the item description. This jewel is not on the store and its production takes extra time.
Express production
expresní výroba
This pictogram indicates that the product can be produced in shorter production time. You can get more information here.
Lifetime service
This piDoživotní servisctogram indicates that we offer lifetime service for this product. You can get more information here.

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