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How to choose an appropriate thickness of your ring?

Someone prefers wide, thicker and sturdy ring and the other one prefers very gentle, comfortable  and discreet ring that would not disturb his/her daily routine. It is necessary to choose a good proportion between ring size, width and thickness of the ring. There is not any general guide.
Thickness of the ring
There are three options for thickness: 1-1.5 mm, 1.5-2 mm and 2-2.5 mm. Rings with a comfort fit (rounded inside) have to be a little thicker. Minimal thickness for these rings is 1.5 mm. There is an exception for gold rings. Gold rings are usually made thinner (thickness up 1.5 mm). If you are interested in a comfort fit gold ring, it is possible but please note that the comfort fit will be very gentle.
If you are not sure about the thickness of your ring, it can be recommended. In this case please leave the fields blank.

In case of the ring with a gem, the head of this ring has to be made thicker to hold the gem. We can make this ring with the same thickness all around the whole length of the ring. This ring is robust and more massive. To make this ring more comfortable we can make it thinner in a lower part (in a palm). Please let us know which option is preferred.

Because our rings are handmade there can be some small deviation in sizes - our margin for this handmade work is 0.2 mm.

If you are not sure about sizes please contact us and we can help you.



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